Bra.ithwaite P.atrick

Stable Coins in Review

2018 ~ Zero Knowledge Conf, Berlin Germany

Dodging Silver Bullets, Emergence In Distributed Architectures

2017 ~ Code Europe, Warsaw/Krakow Poland
Slides | Video

Emergent Distributed Architectures, Microservices and Data Pipelines

2017 ~ Velocity London, London UK
Slides | Video

Conway's Law and Data Pipelines

2017 ~ Ebay Berlin, Berlin Germany

Data Science for Growth

2017 ~ Gaza Sky Geeks, Gaza Palestine

Data Pipelines as Software Structures

2017 ~ Berlin Buzzwords, Berlin Germany
Slides | Video

Mechanics of Data Pipelines

2016 ~ CrunchConf, Budapest Hungary

Architecture for Behavioral Tracking

2014 ~ Université catholique de Louvain, Brussels Belgium